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Training Topics

At Addington Children's Ministry Consulting, we're dedicated to assisting you in establishing a vibrant children's ministry. Recognizing the numerous hurdles ministry leaders encounter in crafting holistic programs for children, we leverage our proficiency in child curriculum development, program administration, and staff training to offer professional consulting services. Our aim is to empower children to flourish and become outstanding individuals within the church community. Reach out to us today to explore how we can support your ministry in reaching its objectives.
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  • Virtual One-On-One Consultation (1 hr. @ time scheduled in advance)

  • On-Site Training​

    • Love Offering option available based on need and budget​

  • Live Online Training (1 hr. live training; 50 min. teaching-10 min. Q&A.)​ 

  • Prices will vary based on length of training session and location.

Training Session Options & Pricing

Training Topics

Turning Classroom Chaos into Classroom Control

This classroom management training emphasizes practical strategies for minimizing disorder and ensuring orderliness. Every Teacher or Director, regardless of experience level, encounters situations where having a repertoire of techniques proves invaluable. In all aspects of teaching, the objective is not only to enforce discipline but also to guide and nurture. You'll acquire expertise in effective disciplinary methods tailored to maintain control in classrooms, whether you're teaching 5 or 50 students!

Putting the GO in GOspel!

Jesus said, “Go into all of the world and preach the Gospel”.  As children's ministry leaders, we understand the importance of reaching the unreached children of our communities.   But how?  To do this, we have to be intentional, creative and GO.  Discover some of the tried and proven ways to reach your community!

Touching Hearts: Changing Lives

This training class will allow leaders to join together to rediscover a profound connection with God so that their ministry will be an overflow of their lives.   We will discuss meaningful ways to grow your passion for serving in Children's ministry and experience the power of encouragement and commitment in guided worship and prayer time.

How to Develop a Children's Worship Program

"You can teach kids about the Tabernacle....or you can lead them into the HOLY OF HOLIES."

Creating an engaging yet worshipful program can be achieved by planning creatively, playfully, strategically, and most importantly, PRAYERFULLY.  We will examine the beginning, middle, and end goals of a very successful worship program that will help the children in your program worship God.

Strengthening Resilience by Introducing Children to God's Presence

As leaders in children's ministry, we recognize the significance of fostering resilience in children's faith. Equally vital is imparting the understanding of worship to them. But what if these two aspects were intertwined? Could worship and resilience be interconnected? In this session, you'll discover fresh perspectives on authentic worship and its role in cultivating resilience in children's faith and their relationship with God.

How to Keep Your Volunteers Coming Back

"Volunteers are not paid---not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless!"                    


vol·un·teer: a person who freely offers to take part in an enterprise or undertake a task.  

Let's discover who should volunteer, what is a volunteer, when should you get volunteers, where to get volunteers, and why you need volunteers to help you accomplish the task of reaching children for Christ!  Your ministry hinges on your can't afford to get this wrong!

Guiding Children to Christ:
Equipping and Empowering Your Volunteers

The famous preacher, Charles Spurgeon once said, "A child of five, if properly instructed, can, as truly believe, and be regenerated, as an adult."  Ensuring the Gospel remains our foremost focus, leading children to Christ emerges as the pinnacle of ministry significance. Equipping ministry volunteers with the understanding of a child’s capabilities, and giving them necessary skills becomes imperative. Delving into the strategies, we'll uncover the essential dos and don'ts of this pivotal task. The stakes are nothing short of eternal; hence, our commitment to effectively guiding children toward a life-changing encounter with Christ is paramount.

Overall Program Evaluation & Suggestions

Sometimes all it takes is a fresh set of eyes and ears to move your program from mediocre to excellence. This could be an in-person observation, preceded by a meeting with the Children's Director and staff focusing on areas they feel need improving, or a one-on-one consultation.

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